Cutting equipment with numerical control

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Water jet technology for maximum versatility

Waterjet technology allows sharp and precise cutting of many materials with low water consumption.

Mecanumeric new builing : almost ready ! (Feb. 2019)

12 months of intense work that will allow Mecanumeric to gather all its activities on a single site of 13 000 square meters, ideally located at the entrance to Albi and with privileged access to the A68 highway and Toulouse.

An improved usability thanks to the soundproofing box (oct. 2017)

To help its customers improve the working conditions of their operators, MÉCANUMÉRIC now offers a new option meant to reduce the noise generated by the pumps fitted on the MECAPRO machines.


Following its successfull participation in the Balttechnika exhibition held in Lithuania last May, MÉCANUMÉRIC continues to pursue its offensive in the Baltic lands and will participate to Tech Industry in Latvia from 30 November to 02 December 2017.

MECANUMERIC designed a new line of water jet cutting machines for industry with the new MECAJET and NEOJET (sept. 2017)

MECANUMERIC designed a new line of water jet cutting machines for industry with the new MECAJET and NEOJET.

MECANUMERIC expands its presence in Europe (sept. 2017)

From September 2017, MECANUMERIC structures its presence in Europe around five geographical hubs.

MÉCANUMÉRIC equips its water jet machine with IGEMS (March 2018)

The company's waterjet cutting machine range is now available with IGEMS software. For a similar price (compared to CAD/CAM software used until now), IGEMS can model and cut pieces with water jet (3 or 5 axes) in a much simpler way.

New building : it’s ON ! (March 2018)

A few month after the building permit, the construction of the new plant has just started ! The 35 000 sq. m plot, located in the Eco2 Rieumas area is very close to Albi and will offer MÉCANUMÉRIC privileged access to the A68 highway and to Toulouse metropolitan area.

A custom-made solution for a customer working in the food industry sector (Feb. 2018)

MÉCANUMÉRIC designs and manufactures solutions dedicated to the food industry actors with its MDA range. Thanks to its R&D department and its production plant, the company is able to respond to very specific needs : for example with the design of a complete production line including waterjet cutting technology for one of its customer.

A very positive C!Print exhibition for MÉCANUMÉRIC (Feb. 2018)

MÉCANUMÉRIC attended C!Print exhibition from 06th to 08th February in Lyon (France). The exhibition, intended for the communication area, has known a true success this year and has attracted thousands of industry professionals.