Cutting equipment with numerical control

A diversity of 3 axes CNC milling machines

MECANUMERIC offers 7 3-axis milling machine tools :

Charly4U - charly2U, compact milling A4 and A2 formats
The 3-axis Charly4U / 2U CNC milling machines tools refer to an amazing ease of use and precise machining results for a wide variety of metals, with a reduced budget.

DMC, Mini machining centers from A3 to 600 x 610 mm format
Designed for precise and intensive work, the 3 axes CNC machines tools meet a wide range of applications: metal engraving, fine machining, plasturgy, design, prototyping ...

MECAEASY, industrial milling routers from small to large size
With stiffened chassis and gantry, equipped with more powerful spindle, this CNC 3 axes milling meets the most demanding production needs in 2D and 3D with timeliness.

MECAPLUS, high performance machining solution: CNC 3 axes milling machine
Mecaplus is suitable for the machining of aluminum, thick plastics material with high mechanical characteristics composite materials.

MECAPRO, 3-axis CNC milling machines offering an excellent price / performance ratio
This CNC 3 axes milling is useful for many applications in various industries with excellent price / quality ratio.

TRIAX Mobile, CNC 3-axis milling machine with moving table and fixed gantry for high precision machining
This milling machine is specialized for machining aluminum, synthetic resins, steel, brass and copper alloys, graphite, plastics and composite.

MECAPLUS HP, High Performance Machining centers: CNC 3 axes MECAPLUS milling
Heavy, fast, powerful, precise and efficient while remaining easy to use, this 3-axis CNC milling machine is designed for intensive use: a high precision powerful solution.