Cutting equipment with numerical control

5 axis CNC milling machines

5-axis machining offers solutions for manufacturing complex and highly technical parts. There may be parts where it is possible to work on various quantities, from prototype to small and medium series.
5-axis CNC routers have the XYZ axes with rotating axes, allowing machining a workpiece on many sides, without any need for human intervention to return the material. MECANUMERIC manufactures and distributes two 5 axis CNC

NORMAPROFIL M-series, optimized for large parts machining
The M-Series 5-axis CNC milling machine is optimized for many materials. There are many applications especially in land and air transport.

NORMAPROFIL 5-axis T-series CNC router, the ideal equipment for thermoformers and modelers
The 5-axis T-Series CNC milling machine is optimized for large parts with shapes made by thermoforming using these materials: plastics and composites, synthetic resin, PU and PS foam, wood and derived, aluminum, brass and alloys.