Cutting equipment with numerical control

Laser CNC cutting machine are adapted to each needs profile by offering many advantages: ease of use, safety and process automation, limited downtime.

MECANUMERIC offers two CNC laser cutter equipment:

- MECALASE, ideal for cutting acrylic, other plastic and low thickness steels.
The laser cutting equipment is optimized for acrylic, plastic materials, wood and derivatives.

The very low operating cost and long duration between gas refills make a valued component.

- LASEC, cut (vector mode) and engraving (raster) for plastic materials, wood, leather ...
Capable of performing cutting in vectorial mode and engraving in raster mode, the LASEC is optimized for several materials: plastics, synthetic resins, wood and wood products, leather, soft stone, marble, granite (engraving only), mineral glass (engraving only), fabric and cardboard.