Cutting equipment with numerical control

MECANUMERIC GROUP offers a new generation of CNC machines acclaimed by the industrial world, the dental community and education.


Its position is widely recognized in the following markets: rapid prototyping, signs, modeling, models and design, various 3D machining and engraving. The partnership developed with each customer allows the implementation of leading integrated solutions, ensuring flexibility and productivity.




Technologic and " high performance " service, proximity and reliability are the guarantees offered by the MECANUMERIC GROUP, one of the few manufacturers in the world to master all the technologies required to design, manufacture, installation, as well as maintenance of complete and individualized solutions for CNC cutting by HSM milling but also other methods such as water jet, laser and ultrasonic.


3 departements : one ultimate goal


Multiple solutions dedicated to the professionals, combining flexibility and competitiveness of the purchasing and operating costs.

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A complete, open, integrated and 100% French offer. Designed for an intensive daily production of the production centres.

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A wide range of equipments suitable for the pedagogical needs of the technical high schools, professional and higher education.

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With a consolidated turnover of more than 20 M€ in 2013, the group employs 125 persons and owns more than 13000 m² production surface spread on 2 sites in France in Albi (81).

The distribution and the follow-up of its products in the whole world are provided :

- either directly by MECANUMERIC Albi in several countries (Middle East, Africa, Belgium, Portugal,..etc..)

- or by its subsidiaries in charge of sales and technical issues :


  • MECANUMERIC DEUTSCHLAND GmbH for the distribution of our products in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland.
  • MECANUMERIC ITALIA Srl for the distribution in Italy
  • MECANUMERIC RUS OOO for the distribution in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other Republics within the CIS,

- or by a network including distributors, partners, agents and technical supports

MECANUMERIC group means :
- Permanent innovation.
- More than 22 standard equipment lines for cutting, engraving, vacuum forming, polishing.
- Customized technological solutions in complement to the standard offer.
- Numerous and various application fields.
- A complete and reactive after sales service, close to the customers.


MECANUMERIC ... Proximity, Technics, Reliability ...